Monday, June 22, 2009

Singlet-Oxygen Analyzer

High absolute accuracy
* Unsurpassed sensitivity
* Easy to use

The Quantitative Singlet-Oxygen Analyzer is designed to be readily interfaced into a variety of singlet-oxygen applications including optimization of singlet-oxygen generators, chemical oxygen-iodine laser studies, fundamental physical sciences, and plasma decontamination. Because the Analyzer is not affected by most common background gases, it provides a direct measure of singlet-oxygen density, [O2(a1∆g)], in a wide variety of these background gases with high precision (better than 1014 molecules/cm3) and a rapid response rate (data rate up to 10 Hz).
As described in the Theory Section (on, the measurement strategy is based on high-resolution direct-absorption spectroscopy. As a result, the instrument is self-calibrating and provides absolute, accurate measurements of singlet-oxygen density. The instrument itself can be implemented for extractive sampling, or be customized by LGR to provide in-situ measurements of O2(a1∆g) under a variety of conditions (e.g. COIL test stands, plasma effluents).
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